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An erotic photography affectionado, I adore gazing on images taken by Joi because they are not only beautiful and pleasing to the eye,but also because they are sexy, sometimes dark, and always feminine. There remains no doubt in my mind that the perceptions of sexuality, sensuality and creation differ between men and women, which may lend to the quality in her work that I repeatedly find so enchanting.
There is more artistry in her efforts than the frequent attempt to shock or gratuitous nudity found elsewhere.

Nina Hugo

Indoors or in nature, black & white or color, the photography of Joi Carey proves that everything can be forced past pre-conceived notions of limitations.
Capturing that intangible realm just beyond the emotions within each scenario or situation, Carey makes each piece breathtaking.

Amy Young

...a kinky kitty with some dark streaks and it's very clear in her work. But even past the grittiest or most lewd of content, there is still a striking elegance.
Her work is moody, unusual and never about stereotypical notions of aesthetics. Sometimes it's playful and little girlish even while adult in theme.
I think the best part watching her evolve artistically.

Victoria Lane

Joi is an absolute joy to work with, a very talented photographer with an eye that captures the right moments, great personality, easy to get along with,
and a creative force to be reckoned with! I would highly recommend her to anyone and am glad to have had the honor of working with her.

Renee Jacobs

I have had the pleasure of working with Joi and her creativity and amazing eye for beauty in all forms continues to amaze me. She is courteous and professional in all arenas. Not many people I have seen take the chances she does with non- traditional models, real people who are all beautiful each in his or her own way. I look forward to the time when we cross paths again and I get to have her and her camera turn me into something lovley and fantastically unique.

Theresa Rushton

I absolutely adore Joi's works...I enjoy interesting and unique photography shots that inspire me, scare me, bend my mind, or expand it, and I have never failed
to have that experience in viewing this very talented lady's artforms. She seems to tap into what each person is made of - combining her subject's spirit and energy
with her inovative ideas and excellent camera work in order to make exquisite pictures that both intriuge and challenge us.


Joi brings an uncensoring ecstasy to a side of life not often seen. Her simplicity, stunning use of color, and unique vision give her work a unique raw quality accompanied by timeless beauty.