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Welcome to the Multiverse of Joi, where disability fuels boundless creativity. Joi navigates the realms of fine art photography, music, and pioneering T-shirt designs. Despite facing physical challenges, Joi channels this energy into crafting captivating pieces that transcend limitations. Each creation is a testament to resilience, sparking a journey through the artist’s multidimensional universe. Currently only focusing on personal projects, Joi’s works are available for sale, inviting you to explore and support this extraordinary journey. Venture into the shop and discover the vibrant tapestry of Joi’s imagination.

As a photographer Joi’s work moves between emotive portraits and surreal works that blur the lines between dreams and nightmares. Her photographs are portals to realms unknown, where truth, sensuality, darkness and beauty intertwine in a haunting fusion.

As her disability has advancedmusic has returned to the that makes Joi’s soul truly sing. Like spiders on silk, she weaves melodies that linger in the air like ghostly echoes. Her voice, an imperfect, haunting melody, echoes through the night, telling tales of love, loss, and the eerie beauty of existence. Her music project, Luciflower, will be releasing it’s first album in 2025.